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Second Star to the Right...

Adventures of a Bohemian Writer, Musician and Part-Time High School Student

Hillary Marie
((Pulled from an old profile page, meep!))

I'm Hillary, and I'm currently thoroughly enjoying being alive, even when life doesn't seem to be returning my affection. If given the opportunity to do something I've never tried before, I'll almost always take it. It's a philosophy that's given me quite a decent experience log considering my not-very-long-by-comparison life. I have held a 8-inch millipede, removed a squirming frog from a fishing hook while my two screaming cousins attempted to push each other into a bog, come within half a gallon of gas of being stranded out in the middle of quite a large lake, fallen into a creek, bought an alligator head (from a Walmart, no less), ridden a tram up a 10,000 foot mountain, hand-fed strawberry Poptarts to a feral cat and been attacked by an extremely irate squirrel, among many other exciting adventures. Never a dull moment with me, you know.

And yes, I'm that weird kid who goes around walking into doors because they "just got to the good part" in a book and won't put it down for their own good.

And, I write. A lot. In notebooks. On the back of history homework. On the back of my hand if no paper supply is immediately available. I'm also that weird kid you accidentally bump into in the hallway, and from their binder spills a bunch of character sketches and 6 different plot sequences for Chapter 5.

I have a dog, a mutt named Mocha. She is the mildly annoying sister I never had.

And that's basically me in a nutshell.